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Polymer Cable Reel

Polymer Cable Reel


The Polymer reel also weighs less than the standard reel, reducing load on the utility truck rams. Polymer reels will also eliminate any down time due to rust, corrosion, or annual repairs typically made on steel reels.

  • Reel is rotationally molded using High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Resin.
  • Each section was engineered as a single piece, seamless, and stress free construction.
  • Each half of the reel weighs approximately 80 lbs.
  • Carbon Steel Axle w/Locking Clamp for long wear and durability.
  • An assembled reel can hold 4100 feet of #2, 15kV cable.
  • Gross Weight w/cable – 2100 lbs.
  • Empty reels can be nested and stacked for storage and shipping.
  • Available in forest green, tan, gray and black.


  • 58” x 41”

Cable Reel Center Axle
Cable Reel Two Halves
Cable Reel Brochure